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Vision & Mission


VR’s Principles

VR's Goals

VR is the abbreviation of We Are, we hope to gather and influence more like-minded people to join us with our enthusiasm for the drum, not only share the joy and fun that we had through drumming, but also take this opportunity to let people actively participate in the work of cultural inheritance and create a better tomorrow together.

Other than sharing the fun of drumming, we hope to popularize drumming culture through this platform in order to bring drum art percussion to a higher level in the field of performing arts.


VR's Missions


Set up a drum-based development area and industry, leading partners to begin a new undertaking.

  • Promote the art of drumming and the development of drum team education.
  • Train professional drummers in order to enhance the quality of performance.
  • Absolutely obey to the leadership orders.
  • Absolutely make the most of team spirit.
  • Absolutely exercise self-control and self-respect to defend the image of team.
  • Creative Thinking
  • Independence
  • Exploration and Innovation
  • Remembrance and Gratefulness
  • Loyalty: Respect the teacher and his teaching with no betrayal; Helping each and other of the same master
  • Intelligence: Tolerant and forgiving; Do not be self-righteous
  • Determination: Study diligently and train hard without distracting thoughts; Never give up halfway
  • Braveness: Be brave to assume gain and loss plus break down obstacles
  • Kindness: Be generous to people and get along with fellow apprentices